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S Rays is an HR outsourcing firm incorporated by skilled and proficient wizards in the field of Human Resources. These specialists who are actively exercising Human Resources practices in the Industry, are providing upto-date sophisticated HR solutions and HRMS solutions; to start ups, SMEs, Family Based businesses and Corporates. When the rays of the Sun meet the earth; there is bliss and happiness. Energy is scattered all over the earth through these success rays. These Sun Rays are coined to be success rays as they bring delight to mankind. We at S Rays, ensure a similar kind of delight; “customer delight”, and we would guarantee success when you work with us.

Vision :

We wish to be the HR front-runners in setting up customized virtual HR & HRMS systems at a most viable price.

Mission :

We aspire to innovate more and more state of the art solutions in the HR and technological domains in the years to come.

Why Us?

Why Us?

We proudly claim ourselves to be one of the pioneers in the HR Outsourcing sphere; with a focus on:

Quality, our DNA:

Quality, our DNA:

We are embedded and rooted in high levels of quality and excellence

Cost effective customization

Cost effective customization

We offer end to end automation services at a balanced and modest value, which is profitable for our clients

Process driven approach:

Process driven approach

Persistent adherence to neat and standardized processes in trend with the current Industry-We are process driven and not People driven.

Comprehensive Technology:

Comprehensive Technology:

Simplified HR services and products (HRMS) through a classy technology.

Comprehensive Technology:

Increasing your business through us:

We ensure ample time for the organizations to focus on their core businesses by reducing their back office expenses and overhead costs, lessening of paper work, tackling unprecedented HR attrition etc..

Our Core Values and Principles

  • Creating delightful and satisfied customers
  • Constantly innovating new HR and Technical solutions
  • Committed to Deadlines
  • Creating a Positive and Professional work ambience
  • Ambitious & Passionate to succeed
  • Seeing Honesty & Integrity as two key factors in work ethics
  • Earning Trust through trust
  • Fair play without ambiguity
  • Championing for Quality Results

HR outsourcing by virtualizing HR

Recruitment We make up for the absence of the Human Resources personnel in organizations. We lucidly carry out all the HR activities through our virtual rendition of services and support in the management of human resources of various organizations. We are specialist providers of end to end HR solutions and it makes more business sense, because through us, organizations have an opportunity to focus more on the direct revenue generating activities. Our services are domineering for every organization as HR functions are complex and time consuming; and it will create difficulty in managing other important thrust areas. Thus, HRO is a competitive method that allows our clients to focus on their strategic initiatives and their ultimate business; rather than managing transactional activities in HR operations.

Recruitment Recruitment

We constantly create and maintain a qualified pool of candidate database across segments, industries and various levels; to facilitate efficient selection by the respective organizations. We indulge in multi-level screening of resumes and candidates by expert recruitment specialists. Our biggest strength being our internal databank which caters to any kind of challenging position entrusted to us by the client. We use innovative recruitment strategies -Social media recruiting through professional forums, which makes us stand apart from other Recruitment firms in the market.

Training & Development Recruitment

We train your employees to develop them as successful resources who can contribute to the revenue of the organization. We as a consultant see through the client’s training needs and would execute training programs and events, through veteran trainers associated with us.

We do have preset modules to facilitate customized programs on Communication& Soft Skills, Interpersonal skills, Behavioral, non-technical and social skills such as Leadership, Time management, Problem solving, Emotional Intelligence, Goal setting, Creativity, Decision making, Conflict Resolution, Stress Management, Relationship building, Positive thinking, Work-Life Balance and many other topics could be covered as per the customer requirements.

We use all kinds of training techniques to execute the above said programs which may be; on- the job or off - the job training methods & In-bound or Out-bound methods.

We also feel proud in acclaiming our training efforts in equipping fresh graduates through corporate exposure training programs titled as, “Talent development Program”

Organizational Development Support Recruitment

Our know- how about the OD techniques in the industry talks about our abilities in; Organizational restructuring to increase the profitability and productivity of organizations, framing and outlining HR policies for organizations, Designing and re-designing the organizational climate, culture, inter- personal relationships, work processes etc., at workplace. We do strategic planning and visioning on behalf of organizations, by adopting and implementing the standardized business HR models.

Payroll Services Payroll Services

Through our fair Payroll services, we would help organizations in the administration of the financial record of their employees in a customized fashion. We devise compensation plans and pay out methods for the employees with a key focus on the best practices followed in the industry and tax free salary structure in compensation plans. We own and take responsibility on the behalf of the organization in maintaining confidentiality with respect to the compensation /salary data. We do create in- house HRMS products for compensation plans, in order to maintain data security. We also enable online customer support services to employees on their queries relating to compensation and pay outs. In addition to this, we offer a complementary service of internal maintenance of the customer’s database, when a client avails all other HR outsourcing services of ours.

Statutory Compliance Statutory Compliance

Statutory compliance is the legal framework within which organizations must operate. We aid the clients in the statutory related paper work and documentation activities, we help clients in the updation of routine statutory changes; on the whole, we serve an effective checklist for statutory compliance

HRMS Payroll Services

This is a form of HR software that makes day today employee related activities and cumbersome HR data feasible to be managed through our user friendly HRMS services. End to end automation of HR processes is assured without manual intervention- All this is possible with a minimally available IT infrastructure facility. In simple ways, it is systemized and customized cost effectively with utmost data security.

Faculty Development Program by S Rays

Web Design Payroll Services

The different areas of web design include web graphic design; interface design; authoring, including standardised code and proprietary software; user experience design; and search engine optimization. Often many individuals will work in teams covering different aspects of the design process, although some designers will cover them all. The term web design is normally used to describe the design process relating to the front-end (client side) design of a website including writing mark up

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