Who We Are

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The name *S Rays* is derived out of the concept "While the Sun Rays hits the Earth with a bliss, the positive vibes scatters all alround called the Success Rays - S Rays"

"S Rays" is an HR outsourcing firm incorporated by skilled and proficient wizards in the field of Human Resources aiming to Virtualize the HR Process. We have professionals who are actively exercising Human Resources practices in the Industry, by providing up-to-date sophisticated HR solutions and HRMS (Human Resource Management System) software ; to start ups, SMEs, Family Based businesses and Corporate.

As a contribution towards Students community, we are conducting some HR Skill Development Programs for helping them to Up-Skill their knowledge towards the Industrial requirements. Also we conduct Technical Skill Development Programs for HR Professionals and Entreprenuers.


We wish to be the HR front-runners in setting up customized virtual HR & HRMS systems at a most viable price.


We aspire to innovate more and more state of the art solutions in the HR and technological domains in the years to come.