Welcome to SRAYS Solutions

S Raysis an HR outsourcing firm incorporated by skilled and proficient wizards in the field of Human Resources. These specialists who are actively exercising Human Resources practices in the Industry, are providing upto-date sophisticated HR solutions and HRMS solutions; to start ups, SMEs, Family Based businesses and Corporates. When the rays of the Sun meet the earth,there is bliss and happiness. Energy is scattered all over the earth through these success rays.


We wish to be the HR front-runners in setting up customized virtual HR & HRMS systems at a most viable price.


We aspire to innovate more and more state of the art solutions in the HR and technological domains in the years to come.

Why Choose Us

Best Quality Services

We proudly claim ourselves to be one of the pioneers in the HR Outsourcing sphere.

Quality Our DNA

We are embedded and rooted in high levels of quality and excellence.

Cost Effective Customization

We offer end to end automation services at a balanced and modest value, which is profitable for our clients.

Process Driven Approach

Persistent adherence to neat and standardized processes in trend with the current Industry-We are process driven and not People driven.

Comprehensive Technology

Simplified HR services and products (HRMS) through a classy technology.

Increasing Your Business Through Us

We ensure ample time for the organizations to focus on their core businesses by reducing their back office expenses and overhead costs, lessening of paper work, tackling unprecedented HR attrition etc..

Our Core Values and Principles

  • Creating delightful and satisfied customers
  • Constantly innovating new HR and Technical solutions
  • Committed to Deadlines
  • Creating a Positive and Professional work ambience
  • Ambitious & Passionate to succeed
  • Seeing Honesty & Integrity as two key factors in work ethics
  • Earning Trust through trust
  • Fair play without ambiguity
  • Championing for Quality Results